Mission Statement

The North Star Kennel Club is an organization devoted to providing a safe space where members and those interested in human pup/pet and handler play can participate in social and educational opportunities.

Our Goals

We do our best to provide a safe and fun environment for our fellow pups, pets, handlers, those curious about human-pup and human-pet play. Our Lead Pack consists of wonderful individuals who work as a team to organize events, manage membership, educate those interested in learning more about human-pup and human-pet play, and so much more.

Give me gummy bears or give me skritches!

-Pup Bruizer, former NSKC Lead Pack Chair

Our History

The North Star Kennel Club was founded in 2014 by local pups who wanted to help promote a safe space for those who identify as human-pups and to connect with other pups, handlers, and human-pup admirers.

Current Lead Pack Members

Pup October (Toby)
Pup October (Toby)Chair
Term Ends January 2022
Pup Ardent
Pup ArdentVice-Chair
Chair, Membership Committee
Chair, Rules Committee
Term Ends January 2022
Pup CJ
Pup CJSecretary
Chair, Marketing Committee
Term Ends January 2022
Pup Key
Pup KeyTreasurer
Term Ends January 2022
Pup Dakota
Pup DakotaLead Pack Member
Chair, Mosh Committee
Term Ends January 2022
Paul Jennings
Paul JenningsLead Pack Member
Chair, Education and Events Committee
Term Ends January 2023
Sir Randy
Sir Randy
Chair, North Star Puppy and Handler Weekend Committee
Pup Minutes
Pup MinutesIT Coordinator