Handler/Puppy Golden Rules

The Handler/Puppy Golden Rules

Puppy Mosh Rules

This is a guide to keep the play area safe for all pups, so everyone can enjoy the experience! Always obey event volunteers, wearing NSKC stickers, or you will be asked to leave. 

  1. Please no spikes or sharp protrusions from collars or gear. Flat studs are ok just keep them 1⁄4 inch or under. Body jewelry should be removed or covered with tape… We don’t want your pup to look like they just got home from a dog fight! 
  2. Minimal clothing is ideal. Excessively baggy clothing tends to get ripped, tugged, and can get tangled in play. Singlets are ideal but athletic shorts, jocks, sports bras are all appropriate. Genital and chest (where applicable) areas must be covered 
  3. Show caution for food allergies! Some puppies are allergic to certain ingredients and can have a reaction simply by playing with a toy another pup had in their mouth. Notify an NSKC volunteer if you have any food allergies, or if you have brought treats to share. If a pup has shared an allergy to the product you brought, you may be advised to keep treats and toys to your own pup, or to not use those treats at all. Mosh Volunteers (wearing NSKC stickers) are looking out for the safety of all pups and MUST be obeyed at all times! 
  4. Always get consent. If you wish to pet or play with a pup stay to the outside, hold out your hand and call them. If they come to you and nudge your hand, assume it’s ok to pet and/or play with them. Toss a ball, play tug of war, give them scritches. If they don’t come to you, don’t get offended. They could be owned and trained not to, or they just want to do their own thing. 
  5. Rope toys should be played with “gently”. Remember these toys were originally designed for bio dogs, and human pup teeth aren’t as strong. USE CAUTION
  6. Protective gear is encouraged. This includes knee pads, elbow pads, paw mitts, and mouth guards. If you don’t have paw mitts, boxing gloves work or double up a pair of socks to prevent “rug burn”. 
  7. Hydrate! Pups exert a lot of energy. Take water breaks. If you have a bowl, keep it to the outside of the play area preferably with your owner or trusted friend. 
  8. Play Safe! Aggressive play will not be tolerated. If the pup you are playing with rolls onto their back this means STOP!!! You are playing too rough! Event volunteers, wearing NSKC stickers, are responsible for the safety of all pups and MUST be obeyed at all times.