Barks and Wags!

As the Chair of the North Star Kennel Club I would like to extend a giant Thank You and hugs and nuzzles to Pup Dakota! Dakota founded our club and has been vital to growing it from a small group of pups to what it is today. We formally incorporated and formed a board on September 24, 2014 – and since then, Dakota has been a member of the board, which we call the Lead Pack.

Last week, I was sad to accept Dakota’s decision to take a step back from the Lead Pack for a while. I would like to express my gratitude and best wishes on behalf of the whole Lead Pack! He will continue to be a founding Member of the club and will be actively participating in future club events – so if you see Dakota, be sure to say hi and thank him for getting our club started!

Your Lead Pack now consists of 13 members with one vacancy. While nominations are open, the Lead Pack does not anticipate filling the vacant seat at this time.

Pup Bruizer