The North Star Kennel Club held its 2020 Annual Meeting on Saturday, January 25 at The Saloon. During the meeting, Chairpuppy Minutes thanked Bruizer, his predecessor and a member of the Lead Pack from the Club’s incorporation, for his service. The first service awards for volunteer contributions to the Club were awarded. Five-year membership pins were also awarded to those members of the Club reaching five years of membership in 2020.

After the new Lead Pack started their term, they elected their officers and committee chairs for the coming year.

Incoming Lead Pack Members

Member Name Position
Pup CJ Director and Public Relations Committee chair
Pup Dakota Director and Mosh Committee chair
Pup Key Treasurer
Pup October (Toby) Vice-Chair, Membership Committee chair, and Rules Committee chair

Continuing Lead Pack Members

Member Name Position
Boy Michael Director
Pup Minutes Chair
Sir Randy Secretary and NSPAH Weekend Committee Chair
Sir Steve Director and Education and Events Chair