First-Ever North Star Puppy and Handler Contests Award Titles

2019 North Star Handler Daddy Nick and 2019 North Star Puppy Pup Whiskey

The North Star Kennel Club hosted the first-ever North Star Puppy and Handler Contests over the weekend of March 8-10, 2019. The contest started with a Meet and Greet at the eagleBOLT bar on Friday, March 8. Five contestants were introduced to the crowd:

  • two Handler contestants – Daddy Nick and Alpha Pup Executioner
  • three Puppy contestants – Pup Winter, Pup Tatsu, and Pup Whiskey

The contestants helped sell jello shots to raise funds for the winners’ travel funds.  The crowd also met the judges for the weekend’s contests:

  • Jinx
  • Vincent
  • Sir Ivan
  • Coleman
  • Pup Dodger
  • Pup Kona

Saturday, March 9 started with interviews in the morning at the eagleBOLT bar, followed by Dog Show Presentations in the afternoon at The Saloon. The presentations were followed by a mosh, which was well-attended.

The contests returned to the eagleBOLT for a snowy Saturday evening of “pup-up” questions, speeches, and “playful presentations”. At the end of the evening, Pup Whiskey and Daddy Nick were announced as the first-ever North Star Puppy and North Star Handler. A victory brunch in their honor was held on Sunday, March 10 at the eagleBOLT.

Congratulations to everyone who put themselves forward for the competition. A special thanks to our judges and those of you who came out over the weekend, especially on Saturday during the snowstorm!

NSKC to Purchase New Mosh Mats

One of the most important pieces of any puppy mosh are the mats the puppies play on. The North Star Kennel Club’s current mosh mats have seen several years of service. Our new Mosh Committee chair, PupKey, made it his mission to find a suitable replacement for our members and other mosh participants. That mission is about to become a reality.

The Lead Pack voted unanimously to replace its current mosh mats with 400 square feet of new mats at its April 2019 meeting. The new mats will be one-inch thick – significantly thicker than the set currently used. 300 square feet of the mats will be blue. The remaining 100 square feet will be dedicated to the Quiet Zone and be black in color. Carrying cases will also make it easier for us to setup and take down future.

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor in the community, the NSKC is only paying half the cost of these mats. Whoever you are, anonymous donor – THANK YOU!

These mats are also thanks to your membership dues, the funds collected at moshes from non-members, and funds raised at our events. THANK YOU for your continued support!

2020 North Star Puppy and Handler Weekend Planning Underway

After the success of the 2019 North Star Puppy and Handler (NSPAH) Weekend, the Lead Pack voted unanimously to begin planning the 2020 North Star Puppy and Handler Contests at its April 2019 meeting. Sir Randy, who led the 2019 planning committee, was elected as chair of a permanent planning committee which was also created.

While venues, dates, and times have yet to be confirmed, the Lead Pack voted to set the dates of the 2020 North Star Puppy and Handler Weekend for April 3-5, 2020.

Stay tuned to our website, the NSPAH website, and our Facebook and Twitter feeds for more information!

2019 Lead Pack Takes Office at Annual Meeting

The North Star Kennel Club held its 2019 Annual Meeting on Saturday, January 26 at The Saloon. During the meeting, Chairpuppy Minutes thanked JP, a member of the Lead Pack from the Club’s incorporation, for his service. The first five-year membership pins were also awarded to those members of the Club reaching five years of membership in 2019.

After the new Lead Pack started their term, they elected their officers and committee chairs for the coming year.

Incoming Lead Pack Members

Member Name Position
Pup Minutes Chair
Kodiak Secretary
Sir Randy Director and NSPAH Contest Committee Chair
Pup Bruizer Director and Interim Membership Chair
Pup Dingo Director

Continuing Lead Pack Members

Member Name Position
Pup October (Toby) Vice-Chair and Rules Committee chair
PupKey Treasurer and Mosh Committee chair
Pup CJ Director and Marketing Committee chair
Buster Director
Russell Director

There are still two open seats on the Lead Pack, with terms ending at the Annual Meeting in January 2021. If you are interested in nominating yourself or another NSKC member to the Lead Pack, see the special election nomination page.

New Education and Events Committee Created

The Lead Pack voted unanimously to create an Education and Events Committee at its April 2019 meeting. It has been tasked with creating, planning, and executing all NSKC-produced events except for moshes, the North Star Puppy and Handler Weekend, and the annual Membership Appreciation Party.

This new committee has a long list of proposed events on its plate, including:

  • puppy movie nights
  • 2019 Twin Cities Pride Festival
  • 2019 Twin Cities Pride Parade
  • social hours
  • trips to ValleyFair
  • visiting the 2019 Minnesota Renaissance Festival
  • visiting the 2019 Minnesota State Fair

What this committee does not have is a leader to help make these events happen. This is a perfect opportunity for an interested member of the community to step forward, join the Lead Pack, and help provide our members with educational and other events that they and the greater community can enjoy. If you are interested, contact Chairpuppy Minutes or nominate yourself to a seat on the Lead Pack today!

Give us your feedback and Event Ideas!

Please use our feedback form to give us any comments, suggestions, or questions you might have. These are sent to the Lead Pack and the committees that perform the club’s activities. You can find it in the menu bar under Feedback.

If you have an event that you would like us to promote, organize, or co-host with you, please use our event submission form. You can find it in the menu bar under Events.

Volunteer Opportunities

Mosh Committee

The Mosh Committee is looking for volunteers to help in the following roles:

  • setup/breakdown helpers
  • greeters
  • guest/newbie liaisons
  • mosh pit trainers/referee

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is looking for volunteers to help in the following roles:

  • club photographers
  • social media assistants
  • website updates

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