Woofs and barks to all!

This is the first issue of North Star Paw Print, the updated monthly newsletter for the North Star Kennel Club.

The North Star Kennel Club is a place for human-pups, handlers, and people curious about pup play in Minnesota and the Midwest. We are based in Minneapolis and strive to educate people about pup play and provide a comfortable, accessible and safe place to enjoy it.

It is a new year for the Kennel Club. New members have been elected to the Lead Pack, our board. There are lots of new ideas, new members, and new opportunities. We are excited to help create the club that you need to bring out your inner pup.

We recognize that not every member is looking for the same experience. The Lead Pack wants to encourage and celebrate your individuality, spirit, talents, and participation. It will take some time and energy to make these new ideas a reality. We look forward to your involvement, suggestions, and feedback make the North Star Kennel Club a club that works for you.

North Star Puppy & Handler Weekend

The North Star Kennel Club is pleased to announce that it will produce the inaugural North Star Pup & Handler Weekend at Minneapolis’ EagleBolt Bar over the weekend of August 10-12, 2018.

The North Star Puppy and North Star Handler contests will showcase the breadth of talent that exists within our Pup & Handler community. It is positioned to be the premier Puppy and Handler contest within the North Star Kennel Club’s home region of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Manitoba & Ontario.

Stay tuned to the North Star Paw Print, our Facebook groups, and other venues for additional updates on this exciting event!


Annual Membership Dues

A reminder to everyone that membership dues are due at the beginning of the calendar year, regardless of your membership start date.

Our practice is to not remove anyone from membership rolls until after the February Public Mosh. For 2018, that mosh is on February 17th. It is being held later than usual this year, owing to the Super Bowl festivities on our normal mosh date (the first Saturday of the month).

Dues can be submitted at monthly moshes, monthly business meetings, or by mail (check only) to our mailing address (NSKC, 2309 Saint Anthony Pkwy, Minneapolis MN, 55418).

2018 Annual Meeting and Lead Pack Elections

The North Star Kennel Club held its 2018 Annual Meeting on Saturday, January 20 at the EagleBolt Bar. During the meeting, outgoing Chairpuppy Bruizer thanked Pup Phelan, Paul, Pup October, and Jonathan for their service to the Club with certificates of appreciation. He also thanked those Lead Pack members who were stepping down after serving the Club and the pup/leather/kink community: Coleman, Drew, Kodiak, Pup Phelan, and Pup Wags.

After the new Lead Pack started their term, they elected their officers and committee chairs for the coming year.

Incoming Lead Pack members

Member Name Position
Pup Buster Vice Chair, Mosh Committee Co-chair, and Rules Committee chair
Paul Secretary and Pride Planning Committee Co-chair
Pup JP Treasurer
Pup CJ Director and Public Relations Committee Co-chair
Dick Director
Pup October (Toby) Director and Public Relations Committee Co-chair

Continuing Lead Pack members

Member Name Position
Pup Minutes Chair
Pup ASH! Director
Sir Randy Director and NSPAH Weekend Committee Chair
Pup Xiao Director and Mosh Committee Co-chair
Pup Bruizer Director and Pride Planning Committee Co-chair
Pup Rawrleigh Director and Membership Committee Chair

Openings Available on the Lead Pack – Special Election Scheduled

We currently have two vacancies on the Lead Pack, both terms ending in 2020. These vacancies will be filled at the February monthly meeting (scheduled for Wednesday, February 28 at 7 p.m., 2021 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis).

If you have been a full member of the Club for at least six months and are in good standing, you can serve on the Lead Pack.

If you are interested in serving:

  • you must be nominated (self-nomination or by another full member meeting the requirements above), and
  • send a short statement of intent (i.e., why you want to serve)

You can send your nomination via email to leadpack@northstarkennelclub.org or through the special election nomination page.
You must do this no later than February 21. Nominees must attend the February 28 meeting to be considered for one of the vacancies.

Website Updates

Some updates to our website are in the works. The most notable update is the feedback form. This will allow you to submit comments, suggestions, and questions directly to the Lead Pack and the committees that perform club activities. It is located in the navigation bar under the “Contact Us” tab.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Mosh Committee

The Mosh Committee is looking for volunteers to help in the following roles:

  • setup/breakdown helpers
  • greeters
  • guest/newbie liaisons
  • mosh pit trainers/referees

Pride Planning Committee

The Pride Planning Committee is looking for volunteers to help in the following roles:

  • float design
  • float construction
  • Parade march
  • Festival booth
  • Walkies helper

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is looking for volunteers to help in the following roles:

  • club photographers
  • social media assistants
  • website updates

We are in need of people who would be willing to take pictures for the club for promotional use. If you don’t want to be pictured, but are willing to take pictures, your assistance would be appreciated.

Events Calendar

To stay up-do-date with upcoming events, visit our Events Calendar page. You can also stay informed by following us on Facebook and Twitter!

StrictlyGeneric Discount

As a members of the North Star Kennel Club you can get 10% off custom chain maille collars, harnesses and accessories, made by our own Pup Nyx, at StrictlyGeneric.com. Order from him in person and mention the discount, or order online and use code “NSKCMEMBERS” for the discount. Your club membership will be verified.

Other Changes In The Works!

Upcoming Newsletter Improvements

  • More information and pictures
  • Member birthdays for the upcoming month
  • New members
  • “Puppy of the Month” (how members found pup play, how they got their name, favorite toy and treat, etc.)
  • Links to committee reports and summaries of meeting minutes

Club Chat App

We know some members want to be more connected. We are investigating using a group chat app to connect with each other. Other regional pup groups are doing this on a variety of apps and we are checking the available options.

Proposed Website Updates

We are planning on upgrading our website to do some of the following:

  • Google calendar updates for events
  • Business meeting agendas, minutes, committee reports, etc.
  • Online store for existing merchandise (pins, patches, wristbands, t-shirts, etc)
  • Confidential member info (profile, email, etc.), updatable at the website
  • Optional member public profiles – pup/persona name, role, optional picture, location, etc.